How to Wear your Bianchi Holster

For optimal security, it is crucial to position and anchor the holster properly to your person.

Words by Bianchi Leather
Behind the Brand
September 18, 2021

In looking for a holster there are many factors to consider, body type, gender, and dress. Each of these plays a part in finding the perfect holster for you. Whatever you choose, there are some essential points in setting up your holster securely.

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Outside the Waistband (OWB)

There are many ways to wear outside the waistband, on the hip (3:00), to rear hip (4:00), or small of back (5:00-6:00) are all ways to carry OWB.  For outside the waistband holsters, it is crucial to position and anchor the holster properly to your person. You will want to position your holster using each side of your pant loops for a secure fit. Most often new shooters do not know to use the belt loop behind the holster which helps secure the holster in place.

STEP 1 | Run your belt through the loop on the backside of your pants and into the rear holster loop.

STEP 2 | Thread the belt back through the pant loop that sits behind the holster.

STEP 3 | Run the belt through the front holster loop and then the remaining belt loops.

Inside the Waistband (IWB)

For inside the waistband holsters there are a few factors beyond just throwing the holster insider your pants and running out the door. One major consideration is comfort, which includes sitting, standing, and wearability throughout your day. For most people, the rear hip carry position is considered the most comfortable giving greater concealability, especially on larger gripped weapons. Appendix carry is another option placing the holster in between the belt buckle and the front pants pocket area. Most AIWB designs do not allow for tucking in the shirt, but some are and they are described as “tuckable” in the description.  Whether using an over-the-belt clip or a J-hook, fitting it up properly will keep your weapon secured and allow for a solid drawing platform.

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