John Bianchi’s Legacy

A police officer, a craftsman, and a visionary, John Bianchi was the driving force for holster innovation for over 60 years.

Words by Bianchi Leather
Published on October 20, 2021

Since he was a child, John Bianchi has had a fascination with leather. Walking home from elementary school, he would take a shortcut through a small industrial area. His route would bring him past a glove factory next to which was an enormous pile of scrap leather. Every day, John would stop and paw through that pile of leather and find scraps to bring home. From a picnic table in his back yard he would fabricate everything from dog leashes to purses to belts, eventually creating holsters for his cap pistols.

From that picnic table, the foundations of Bianchi Leather were laid. Over the next 60 years, John Bianchi — creatively and provocatively —  completely revolutionized the holster industry.

“Leather gives the craftsman unlimited opportunities to create — because craftsmen fall in love with the craft and the possibilities that it presents to them.”

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